Office and reception

Our team are well equipped to assist you with signage to fit your reception space. Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas and explore options.

office and reception

No prizes for guessing

The palm tree reflections give this location away. A slick illuminated light box that we manufactured for Belle Property Newport.

office and reception

Corporate but still says coffee

I guess that’s the key. There’s a bunch of different materials and techniques that can be used to create all sorts of signs but finding the right ones to represent your brand is what we love doing.

office and reception

Understanding your brand value

We’ll help you get the right look and feel for your logo placement. Aiming to captivate your target market.

office and reception

Toffee apple

Loving the little highlights and reflections that this 2K painted finish gives. A nice combo between raised and recessed lettering.

office and reception

Who doesn’t love Hugh

We had fun mixing it with the best here, creating a brand personality wall for ACA (Actors Centre Australia) in Marrickville.

office and reception

Upstate Dee Why

Gee we’ve been lucky to work on some fun projects this year, including a contemporary illuminated sign for Upstate’s new office