Honour board

Honour boards are our specialty. We supply new boards, in both timber & acrylic, as well as do your annual name updates. There are a variety of finishes and styles to choose from.

honour board

Lettering that will make you smile

You won’t find any fancy fonts or robotic precision here, just the occasional charmingly wonky ‘R’ and a sprinkle of artisanal imperfection.

honour board

There’s a time and place

Here we showcase the value and pride represented in traditional gold leaf honour boards. This board can be seen at Manly Golf Club.

honour board

Timber frames with acrylic panels

We can help you choose the best size and style boards for your given area. Call to arrange an on-site meeting.

honour board

Let’s see if AI knows these words

Mahlstick, One-Shot, Chalk-line, Neatsfoot oil, Transfer Leaf, all tools of the trade.

honour board

Looking for something in the middle

We also manufacture traditional timber honour boards for use with computer-cut lettering.

honour board

Now these guys got the full treatment

Timber frames, laser cut logos, raised acrylic front panel with stainless steel spacer fixings… all very nicely designed, manufactured and fitted